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Come Back from the Dead!

If I could rate myself, I would rate my interest in TV shows like 7 out of 10. I like watching TV series, but not all of them. I have a wide range of favorite TV show genre, and I can recall spending my free time in college binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds. Nowadays, I don’t follow TV series anymore, but I still have some favorites such as Black Mirror, Dark (a German TV show, streamed on Netflix), Jane the Virgin (this one is a guilty pleasure!), Fresh Off the Boat, The Office US, etc.

However, there are some TV shows that promise interesting storylines and character development, but due to low ratings, they get canceled immediately. While most of them are cancel-worthy, some of them don’t, because they have hidden and deep message that people should understand. Here are my three personal favorites that I think deserves a second chance to get it right.


What it is about: This TV show is a modern twist from the classic musical “My Fair Lady”. The story revolves around Eliza Dooley, a self-absorbed 20-something Instagram-famous girl who after one embarrassing viral video, realized that she has no friends and needs an intervention. She then hires a marketing and PR expert to revamp her image in real life.


Why it needs to be revived: Albeit being launched in 2014, Selfie is the reflection of how us behave in social media up until today. Remember how we always want everything to be perfect on our Instagram, from the perfect angle to the perfect Instagram Story filter? Watching the full season (before it gets chopped off) makes me realize how much we need this kind of intervention, and Selfie deserves a stage (or a TV slot) to raise such issue.

Pushing Daisies

What is it about: An awkward cute piemaker Ned lives with a weird superpower: he can bring back the dead. This power comes with one condition: He cannot touch them for the second time, or they will go back to being dead and cannot be revived again. Ned then uses this power to help a local detective called Chi to solve murder cases. This series only last for 2 seasons.


Why it needs to be revived: The storyline and the characters’ personality are so interesting but too bad they end it with no closure, possibly due to being canceled midway. I love the unusual visual style and fast-paced dialogues of the show. This series has gained popularity and cult following albeit its’ short run; in 2015, Pushing Daisies was voted first in Esquire’s “TV Reboot Tournament” that asked fans which series they most likely want to see back on TV. See? We want it back on TV!


What is it about: A group consists of a historian, a former army, and an engineer needs to stop a mysterious organization from changing the course of history through time travel. To stop them, they need to visit different periods of American (and world) history.


Why it needs to be revived: Actually, I kinda have a love-hate relationship with this title. They started off really slow on the first season. However, the second season got a lot better. Too bad it got canceled TWICE before it gets the green light to a 2-hour encore to finish their story. However, there’s a small part of me that wishes this title gets revived for at least one more season. My personal favorite is when they visit the Women’s Suffrage March in the 1920s and when they had to ‘kidnap’ young JFK to the future.

Those are three TV series in my opinion that needs to be given a second (or third, for Timeless) chance. I feel they still have a strong storyline and potential dramas to engage new viewers. What do you think? Do you have TV show titles you wish to be revived? Comment below and let’s discuss about it!

This post is written to celebrate Geek Pride Day which falls on May 25.

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  1. I have never heard any of those! Would love to see Pushing Daisies.
    My personal favorite of terminated TV show is Last Man on Earth. The premises was the whole earth population died because of deadly virus, and Tandy was the last man alive. And with Tandy being Tandy, instead of cultivating sustainable life, he spent his time building the tallest jenga and filled his pool with margarita. And then he met other “last man/woman on earth” and together they explored the empty world.They ran for 6 seasons, but had a cliffhanger ending, so I desperately want to bring it from the dead.

    1. That sounds like fun!!! I wanna watch it! Tandy sounds like Peter Quill from GotG to me!!!
      Yes, Pushing Daisies is awesome and with cute set. I want it to be revived so bad!

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