Stepping Back to Old Singapore

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I had always been fascinated with Singapore’s old house architecture, famously known for its’ vibrant colours and old Chinese-Malay styles. However, I always got no time to wander around town and look for such houses.

This visit to Singapore is a special one because for once I manage to drag my ass to Everton Park, home of the prettiest old Peranakan houses in Singapore!

It was a calm Friday morning. After dropping my backpack in the hostel, I decided to beat the jet-lag by going to Everton Road and surroundings based on blogpost in Aggy’s blog. Everton Road is located nearby Outram Park MRT station, only a few stops away from my hostel.

It didn’t took much time for me to find the location. I wandered through Spottiswoode Park, Everton Road, and Blair Road. Once I stepped on this area, I felt like being thrown back in time. There was no bustling Singapore, only vibrant houses, breezy wind, and birds chirping.

The presence of less tourists made the visit more special. Truly what I need for my first day in Singapore πŸ™‚

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