About Life, Actually

Hello, readers! Welcome to “Life, Actually” blog. This is the author, Crystal, speaking.

How many of you have spent your entire life living in the same city or the same country? Have you ever wondered how it feels to live outside your comfort zone?

This is the spirit of “Life, Actually” blog. At first, I wanted this to be a journal of my one-year life in the Netherlands. I understand, moving and living abroad is a morbid thought, so I’d like a space where I can express my thoughts freely. One year turned into two years, and now I’ve lived in the Netherlands for four years and not looking back.

So, if you wonder how it feels like to live outside your home country, or if you’re preparing to move abroad, this is a safe place for you. Happy reading!


Basic things about me and this blog.

My name is Crystal, I’m on my late 20’s, and I have been living in the Netherlands for four years. If you believe in MBTI personality types, I’m an INTJ.

Expect these main things:

  • Articles about living and working in the Netherlands;
  • Food recipes (I excel at making Asian and Indonesian foods); and
  • Online/digital marketing stuffs because I work in that area.

At the moment, the Contact button is still under construction. However, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section of each posts.