Thermal Baths in Budapest

“Budapest is famous for its’ thermal baths. Let’s go to one!” R gave suggestion when I asked him what kind of places he wanted to visit. It was our first day in Budapest, and as me feeling sorry for dragging him out of Ozora, I asked him first what he wanted to do. I instantly […]

Boating With Colleagues

Last Friday was one of my happiest days that I have been waiting for since a month ago. My office held a yearly Summer Event and we spent it by boating by the Vecht river. Last year we went to Walibi (an amusement park). We went by train (some by car) to our new office. […]

Reflections: Indonesia

This is the second and last part of the two-part “Reflections” series; posts that concludes my holiday. Last time I went to Indonesia, it was around 2 years ago. I spent a good 3 weeks there. It wasn’t a good holiday at all. I just graduated from Masters Degree and all I felt during my […]

Indonesia Negeriku, Orangnya Lucu-lucu.

Gue udah bertahan di Indonesia (tepatnya di Jakarta) selama seminggu, dan tiap hari, ada aja kelakuan orang di sekitar gue yang bikin pengen ngomel atau pengen gue sentil omongannya. Kunjungan gue ke Indonesia ini sih sebenarnya dalam rangka makan-makan dan bertemu keluarga dan sahabat dekat, makanya gue bela-belain deh… kalau nggak ingat mereka pasti gue […]

Reflections: Singapore

This is the first part of two part of “Reflections” series, a live blog during my travels to Singapore and Indonesia. Singapore was a familiar country for me growing up. It was the second country I visited (first being Australia) and the most frequent country I visited when I still lived in Indonesia. I had […]