Bikin Bangga Siapa?

Tulisan berbahasa Indonesia. Hari ini, gue pergi ke gereja. Kebetulan tema khotbah hari ini adalah “Bibit, Bebet, Bobot”. Pendeta sore ini datang dari gereja Jawa, dan dia mulai ngomongin tentang falsafah Jawa yaitu Bibit Bebet Bobot yang sering dipakai sebagai wejangan orang Jawa ke anaknya yang mau nikah atau cari pacar. Kata pendeta sore ini, […]

The inner voice that speaks on my behalf

Here’s a little checklist for you. Do you constantly feel tired in dealing with humans on a daily basis? Do you need to ‘recharge’ your energy at least once a week by doing nothing and just being silent? Do you hate making small talks? Do you often sneak out at parties just because you’re tired […]

What to do Before Going to Graduate School

Everyone (well, most people I know, technically) has a desire to go back to school to pursue further studies. Some of them want to change their major, meanwhile the rest of them want to stay on the same course as their previous academic background, like me. However, not many of them know the right steps […]