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2014: A Year in Review

What used to be ordinary, turned out to be an extraordinary year.

  1. January-March 2014 was a slow start for me because I still worked at my former workplace while slowly saving money for mid-year vacation in Bangkok.
  2. April 2014: Went to Bangkok for a 9-day trip with 2 friends: Kikin and Tasia. Found out that they’re super amazing friends to travel with. Kikin with her passion for shopping, and Tasia who loved to eat and explore. Celebrated Songkran with them in Silom. Went for a shopping spree in Sampaeng Market, Chinatown Bangkok. Went for a book shopping with Tasia in Kinokuniya Siam Paragon. Got lost in Ayutthaya (something we might not want to do in the future). Met amazing people at our hostel, De Talak. Made new friendship with them.
  3. June 2014: Got sick a few days after my birthday and thus, I got hospitalized (I got dengue fever). Had to cancel my birthday celebration with friends because of this. Had to postpone IELTS test as well. I felt very confused and very disappointed at myself.
  4. July 2014: Finally went to IELTS test, still sick. This time I was constipated and I had sore throat. God knew how sick I was during the test. Preparing my resignation form as well as application form for Leiden University. Grandpa got hospitalized, we all went downhill during the last week of July. Completed all my compulsory documents for Leiden at the same time as my grandpa being hospitalized for complication. Sent application pack for LPDP scholarship.
  5. August 2014: Got the result for my IELTS (I got overall score of 7.5). Grandpa went home. My resignation form was accepted by my boss. Got appointed as one of LPDP future awardees. Sent my application pack to Leiden. Waited in vain.
  6. September 2014: Officially resigned from the office. Went to Palembang for a 7-day trip. Went to LPDP interview round. Waited in vain. Tried to search for jobs (plan B) but didn’t succeed. Went to Curug Cikondang and Gunung Padang with Ria and Indra. Appointed as LPDP awardee after the interview test.
  7. October 2014: Admitted to Leiden University. Sent following documents to the faculty: visa documents, original transcripts, etc. My wallet went broke because I had to pay numerous fees. Got no money. Stayed at home.
  8. November 2014: Gone to Persiapan Keberangkatan (Pre-Departure Briefing) by LPDP for 7 days. Found new friends, strengths, and unforgettable people. Inspired by each one of them. Starting buying winter clothes for next year.
  9. December 2014: One month before departure. Will stay at Jakarta and have as many farewell parties as possible with my friends and family.

Sorry for wrong grammars. I know there are a lot of them.

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