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This afternoon, I made a post with #10bucketlist hashtag after seeing one of my friend’s post on my feed. This post is the longer version of it.

Become a global citizen. This is the number one reason why I want to move to the Netherlands. I am sure that in order to grow up, one must dare to leave their comfort zone to an unknown region. This is what I’m trying to do right now. I’m silently pushing myself outside my comfort zone to a very strange country. And in that strange country, I will do my best to become a global citizen. I want to immerse and live in every culture as many as possible, be more open-minded than I am right now, and make friends from as many people from as many countries as possible. I want to dare myself to stretch out my abilities and my opportunities, thus I put this point in one of my bucket list.

Meet Taylor Swift in person. Everybody who knows me so good will know I’m a die-hard Taylor Swift fan. She has inspired me since high school and I really love her songs because they are very relatable to every woman’s lives. Not to mention she’s a very humble person, and she wants to reach her fans everywhere in the world. I love her effort to keep her fans to stay loyal by becoming their friend. Not many artists in music industry can do this type of approach.

Have my own business. I’m a person whose mind is filled with ideas. This moment, I have so many ideas in my brain, waiting to be executed. I need an executor, someone who’s willing to take the risk to make my ideas come true. For now, I’m planning to launch a community cafe business, but I think it’s for my long-term goal (since I have no capital yet).

Become a lecturer. I love sharing information with other people, and right now I’m thinking to become a lecturer in my alma mater. They are in great need for a specialized history lecturer, and since I’m going to continue my study to a more specialized subject, maybe I can go back to my former university to teach.

Make a history consulting firm. This is a continuation from my last point. I realize that there are no history consulting firm in my country, and I plan to be the pioneer in making one. Heck, Singapore has one, why can’t we have one as well? I want history and culture studies to be more accessible to the public, because I believe by easy access to our rich history and culture, the public will appreciate their nation’s history more. I am planning to employ history fresh graduates (or senior students) in my firm, because I have the need to show them that historian can be a job option once they graduate from school.

Got married and have a happy family. Who doesn’t? However, marriage don’t come first for me. I long to seek a partner who not only loves me, but also want to share their lives with me. I believe marriage cannot be erected by the foundation of love only. Mutual trust and sense of belonging also play their own parts. I don’t want to be all lovey-dovey type of relationship, I want a relationship based on love, trust, and teamwork. Especially teamwork, IMO.

Study all the way to Ph.D. This is not really my bucket list, I just think that if I had the chance to continue my studies to Ph.D., I will take it. For me, education is one’s best investment. I’d like to invest as much as I can in education, because it enriches myself.

Seeing my country grow as a strong nation and can contribute globally, not just regionally. Indonesia is facing ASEAN Community which will be finalised soon in 2015. I want to see my country grow to be a stronger country. Not just in politics, law, social welfare, and culture, but I want to see Indonesian people become stronger in their morals. I want to see Indonesian people finally getting on the same level as Singaporeans, Malaysians, Filipinos, Thais, even Australians and New Zealanders. I also want to see more Indonesians contribute to the world by becoming important decision makers in world’s leading organizations. They may raise millions of dollars every month and stationed to several countries, but once people ask them what their nationality is, they will answer in one sole statement, “I am Indonesian”.

See Duran Duran in concert. They are my favorite band since I was 13 and I have been dying to see their concert for ages. I hope I will see them live soon. They were the first reason why I like new wave music.

Go to Alaska. Because I love nature, and Alaska seems like a great place to trek, and hike.

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  1. Goodluck cece! I want to be a global citizen either! I want to travel all around the world to feel and to love other cultures exist 🙂
    I am actually very interested in history subject! I think to be able to build the future we need to understand and learn from the history! I really wish you can be a history professor!! Go for phd cece!!! You can do it!!! :3
    Big AMEN on your every wishes 👍

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